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An F-4C Phantom II at the Pacific Coast Air Museum.

They're lined up on a small lot near the airport. Some of them will never fly again. A few of them were partially disassembled where their caretakers were working on restoring them to flight worthiness. They're military aircraft. It is pretty clear that the folks that run the Pacific Coast Air Museum really love airplanes. Most (all?) of the restoration work is done by volunteers.

Most of the aircraft had a nice display plaque in front of it that described both the model's history but also the history of that particular aircraft.

The exhibits inside tell a story beyond the stories of the old aircraft and the people that flew them that they document. One of the exhibits inside has a throttle from an old aircraft. The note by the display indicated that they didn't know exactly what the throttle was from -- they sometimes receive miscellaneous donations of parts -- and asked that anyone that could identify it leave a note with the person at the desk. They recognized that at least some of the visitors coming through would share their love of these planes and might know what it was and were willing to admit they didn't know exactly in order to maybe expand their information.

It's worth a visit if you have any interest in military aviation and are in the area.


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