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2017-04-25 10:10 pm

Hello Dreamwidth

Hello, Dreamwidth.
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2016-08-27 10:09 pm

(no subject)

Living in a house is better than living in an apartment.

Good thing, because it's a lot more expensive than living in an apartment.
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2009-03-28 09:55 pm


I missed February. Working, busy, and suddenly it was March. And then it was spring. And soon it'll be April. There's a few more photos from today on my photos site.
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2009-02-17 07:41 pm

Baron Negotiates The Release of the Treat

5D Mark II_IMG_1245
Originally uploaded by xythian.

Baron, left, negotiates with me for the release of the treat. Baron is my parents' German Sheperd. He's pretty great.

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2009-01-16 11:35 pm

not dead

Just busy. I have posted lots (relatively) of photos lately, though.
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2007-11-03 08:04 pm


I went out for a walk in Baylands. Shortly after the sun went down behind the hills, I saw a bird mysteriously hovering over the grass. I watched it for a while and finally realized it was a good thing I wasn't a small rodent.

The picture is bad because it's a tiny crop of an ISO 3200 shot. Still conveys a certain menace, though.
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2007-09-06 09:13 pm

smoky sky

Smoky Sky

Fires have thrown a lot of smoke into the air around here.

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2007-08-17 10:59 pm

(no subject)

An F-4C Phantom II at the Pacific Coast Air Museum.

They're lined up on a small lot near the airport. Some of them will never fly again. A few of them were partially disassembled where their caretakers were working on restoring them to flight worthiness. They're military aircraft. It is pretty clear that the folks that run the Pacific Coast Air Museum really love airplanes. Most (all?) of the restoration work is done by volunteers.

Most of the aircraft had a nice display plaque in front of it that described both the model's history but also the history of that particular aircraft.

The exhibits inside tell a story beyond the stories of the old aircraft and the people that flew them that they document. One of the exhibits inside has a throttle from an old aircraft. The note by the display indicated that they didn't know exactly what the throttle was from -- they sometimes receive miscellaneous donations of parts -- and asked that anyone that could identify it leave a note with the person at the desk. They recognized that at least some of the visitors coming through would share their love of these planes and might know what it was and were willing to admit they didn't know exactly in order to maybe expand their information.

It's worth a visit if you have any interest in military aviation and are in the area.

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2007-07-22 09:11 pm

LJTalk posting

I don't know why I'm surprised when LJTalk posting is so fast. It's no surprise it would be much snappier replying than HTTP posting since the response is just a URL sent via IM and there are consequently its a lot smaller than the post response page. I guess I expect it to be somehow "more expensive" to post via XMPP which is ridiculous. I suppose I may just assume there are fewer resources dedicated to making LJTalk posting fast -- which is true, but there's also a lot fewer people using it and it's a lot cheaper. I do kind of wish there was a way to do friends-level setting. I should maybe set up my own bot -- I had some awful subject line configure-post-security thing when I was using post-by-email from the Sidekick and could easily replicate that.
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2007-07-15 01:10 pm


Dear Livejournal, I'm writing to you via LJTalk.
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2007-02-07 04:43 pm

Burrito Real

Burrito Real, my favorite place to get lunch nearby, is closing in mid-March. Apparently it is not making enough money.

He said a sign would be posted about some kind of end-of-Burrito Real BBQ.
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2006-12-05 10:22 pm
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antibacterial whatever and disinfecting ads

I wonder how many of the people that buy lots of antibiotic laced soaps and other houshold products and wipe everything down with disinfecting wipes to stop germs also go into the office when they're obviously sick to spread their plague to everybody they work with.
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2006-12-03 02:51 pm


This is the kind of day where I'm glad I see in color.

Crisp blue sky, some leaves on trees in brilliant yellows and oranges and reds, no clouds, and in the 60's.
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2006-11-19 10:42 pm

(no subject)

Went for a walk last weekend...

I can't help shooting bridges. The sun peeked through the dreary clouds and illuminated the bridge against the dark sky.

Standing out. The bright yellow boat among all typical white and blue made me smile.

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2006-11-01 09:26 am

Posting via jabber

Dear Livejournal, I'm writing to you via Jabber. Mooooooza!
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2006-06-05 08:48 pm

(no subject)

We'll miss you [livejournal.com profile] gblake.
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2006-04-06 09:23 pm

a walk

I took a little walk through Palo Alto's Baylands to play with the 15mm in a more picturesque setting than my apartment.

My favorite from the walk, though, could have been shot from my parking lot:

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2006-04-06 01:36 am

fooling around

Fooling around with both a fisheye lens and a demo version of some HDR image combining software.