Mar. 21st, 2006 11:33 am
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Sunday was very nice out:

Of course, yesterday and today have been cloudy and rainy. Today looks like it's clearing up a bit, though.
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10.6 miles around Shoreline Park a few times on eight wheels.
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A hastily assembled shot of Tin Cat playing at Blue Rock Shoot tonight. I stuck 4 50mm shots together in photoshop and cropped it. The "hasty" bit was the lack of work to smooth out transitions or do anything about the abrupt changes where they where moving between frames. I started to make it look like a single wide angle shot but I actually kind of like the slammed together version -- like an overlapped multiple exposure.

I need to go through my photos a bit later to pick a single shot or two to post, but I wanted to post something now.

I was mostly there to listen, so while I had the camera out I just shot what I could see from my seat and didn't watch the entire show through the camera like I have in the past. Of course, when I get home and see what I shot, I find myself wishing I had been taking the photography a little more seriously...

The guy organizing music at Blue Rock Shoot asked me to send him a few good shots if I got any. He also asked the other guy that was shooting photos with a DSLR (and maybe more, but I only saw one). A few folks had little point and shoot digicams, too. It might be the most documented Tin Cat show ever.

I tried a little experiment with these shots. I shut off the post-shot review -- so it was much like using a film SLR in that I wasn't reviewing at all while I was shooting. The idea was to get used to looking for the next shot while shooting rather than trying to figure out if the photo I just took worked . When shooting a live event, the photos in the past are gone whether I captured it correctly then or not. It was sort of liberating (but I'll still turn review back on when I go out shooting again). Generally speaking I captured what I thought I captured -- a few frames had more dynamic range than I could actually handle which I would've noticed if I had been reviewing. I did find myself wishing I had a wider lens but I don't know that it would've actually helped me get more good shots or just different crap shots.

Oh yeah, and the music was good. I wish they'd record some of the new songs somewhere.
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It looks like this colorization technology (or something much like it) has been made into a product.
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This is a pretty tiny crop of a casual "look how clear it was today" bridge shot. It was shot from Ft Funston with a 100mm lens. I noticed the bird as I was browsing through the shots tonight.

The full shot )
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A Good Shake

As you can see, the shake begins in the head and shoulders and continues over the body to the tail. The water is flung in all directions -- if you wish to repeat this study you must use caution. Do not approach the wet dog too closely with the lens.
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I'm walking along after a tasty burrito. The sun has dropped behind the hills to the west and the sky is flat and gray. I look up and see this illuminated cloud.

Big basin

Jan. 8th, 2006 11:39 am
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Late last year I went to Big Basin again for the first time in years. It's so .. quiet. As I walked through the woods, looking up and around at all the big trees, I was a little sad that I let the rather tedious drive to the place get in the way of visiting more often. I had the camera with me (obviously) but the trip quickly became more about walking and listening and smelling than about photography.

I've never had much success at conveying the forest-ness of a forest in a photo.


Jan. 3rd, 2006 04:32 pm
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search flickr with sketches

I haven't played with it much, but it looks cool.
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As usual, my photo posting (and shooting) was pretty bursty in 2005. As you can see on the date view of my photos site, I shot more during the summer than in the fall, winter and spring. The spike in October is where I posted a lot of party photos for Erik.

January -- crowded:

February -- Castle Rock State Park through a LensBaby

March -- Castle Rock Turkey Vulture

April -- Off my balcony

May -- Rippled sky over San Jose

June -- Honey bee

July -- Open road

August -- Butterfly

September -- Leaf in the light

October -- Lily pad level

November -- Leaves

December -- Chilly

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I stuck the first whatcartoon doodle up here on June 14. This means the six month point for whatcartoons was a few days ago. I'd still like to thank [ profile] jfb for giving me the idea to call the site, after the titles of the posts I put here, "whatcartoon" rather than one of the better-left-unremembered names I had come up with (and even registered the domain name).
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Browsing requirements for various digital media courses, I came upon a link to MonkeyJam for doing stop-motion animation.

Demise of a Clementine (2.1M, WMP) (Quicktime, 3.0M)

(a clementine, 500 watt work lamp, DV camcorder, MonkeyJam for capturing, and Premiere Pro for the titles)

I should've gone to bed hours ago.

The sign

Nov. 13th, 2005 06:50 pm
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Forty. Forty. Forty. The speed limit sign flashed its outrage at the passing car. The speed limit is thirty five miles per hour. That car was doing forty miles per hour. It flashed its outrage and nobody cared. Every day, every hour, every car. The speed limit sign measures the speed of each car and shows the speed on its big LED-lit display. If the speed is above thirty five miles per hour then the sign flashes the number instead of simply displaying it. It’s been hanging there for fifteen months. For the regular drivers of this road the sign has become part of the landscape and nobody seems to pay any attention to it. The sign doesn’t care. It has a job to do. Thirty-eight. Thirty-eight. Thirty-eight.
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I wrote some pretty experimental comments support for Singleshot. It current stores the comments in a sqlite file.

It's enabled on my photo site.


Oct. 22nd, 2005 04:52 pm
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I finally posted the shots from Erik's going away party at Barefoot last weekend.

It's a bigger batch of photos than I've posted for a long time.

I shot a few at last night's Tin Cat show, too, which I will post soon.

Update: As promised, Tin Cat at Jungle.
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Sad cone

It looked so sad there with all that caution tape not connected to anything. And it was trapped by the telephone pole.


Sep. 30th, 2005 10:30 pm
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I liked Serenity.


Sep. 23rd, 2005 01:35 am
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I love sunsets. Sunrises, too, though I see fewer of them.

It is at dusk that I really get some sense for how big the sky is. The uniform blue of day or dark of night (such as as it gets around here) doesn't instill in me the sense of scale that sunset with some clouds does.


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